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Epidemic Prevention Science: Do You Really Need a Handheld UVC LED Sterilizer?

Aug. 30, 2021

In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, in addition to standing masks, alcohol, and ultraviolet germicidal lamps are also an effective anti-epidemic material. The handheld UVC LED sterilizer stands out due to its own advantages. Today I will take you to understand it and help you answer whether you really need a handheld UVC LED sterilizer.


UVC LED Sterilization Principle

The ultraviolet band can be divided into different bands of UVA, UVB and UVC. UVC is the band with the shortest wavelength and the highest energy. In fact, for sterilization, the most effective is the UVC band. Compared with chemical disinfection, ultraviolet disinfection has the advantage of high efficiency. The inactivation is generally completed within a few seconds, and it does not produce other chemical pollutants.

UVC LED can also inactivate microorganisms. Both factories such as sewage treatment plants, food factories, breweries, beverage factories, etc. also use ultraviolet sterilization.




The Advantages of Handheld UVC LED Sterilizer

UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer

UVC LED Handheld Sterilizer

Handheld UVC LED Sterilizer Can Be Moved Around Easily

One of the benefits of using handheld UVC LED is that it can be moved around the area easily.


Handheld UVC LED Sterilizer is Effective for Disinfecting

Portable UVC LED is capable of disinfecting a space effectively. This is because it can kill almost all types of viruses and bacteria. Unlike other disinfectants, it can even destroy spores and mold. Many disinfectants will leave the environment damp where fungi can survive. UVC LED is a dry disinfecting technique that will get rid of mold and prevent fungi growth.


Handheld UVC LED Sterilizer is Non-Toxic

Another benefit of UVC light is that it is non-toxic. Most cleaning products include harmful and harsh chemicals that can be dangerous for your family, pets, objects, and environment. UVC LED are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any chemicals since it is a physical process.


Handheld UVC LED Sterilizer is Safe for Everyone

UVC light is a safe method for disinfecting a wide variety of surfaces if used properly. Exposure to UVC rays can lead to sunburn and other skin problems but it is safe to use when used it according to the instructions.

The product must only be used when there is no one in the room. Since it does not have any harmful chemicals, it is better than most disinfecting and sanitizing products.



How to Use UVC LED Sterilizer Scientifically, Effectively and Safely?

Due to the damage of UV rays to biological cells, when using UVC LED sterilizer, be careful not to directly irradiate human skin, let alone look directly at the lamp tube with your eyes.

1. Because UV rays have very weak penetrating ability in the air, it is difficult to achieve long-distance sterilization ability, so when using it, try to place them in the main sterilization position, such as the middle of the room, or where bacteria are easy to breed, 1.5m away from the surrounding area. -2m is appropriate.


2. Pay attention to the influence of the use environment on the sterilization effect when using it. Under normal circumstances, the UVC output intensity is the highest when the temperature is between 27°C and 40°C, and the sterilization effect is the best. In addition, ensure that the environment is clean and dry. A large amount of moisture and dust in the environment will interfere with UVC rays. Weakening effect. When using at home, try to close the doors and windows, draw the curtains, and turn off the lights to ensure that the room is in a darker condition, which is more conducive to the sterilization of UVC rays. For places that are prone to bacteria and other microorganisms, such as bed covers, the bed can be covered. Expand to increase the contact area, which is more conducive to sterilization and disinfection.


3. Ensure sufficient exposure time when using UVC LED sterilizer. Studies have shown that after 5 minutes of irradiation, it is an effective sterilization time. When it reaches 30 minutes, the daily disinfection effect can be achieved. When the irradiation time reaches 60 minutes, it can kill most of the bacteria and other microorganisms in the air.

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