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Cold chain logistics rapid disinfection system

Product Description

Product Description

Cold Chain Logistics Disinfection System Introduction:

Recently, nucleic acid tests of imported cold chain food and its outer packaging frequently show positive results, and a large part of new local cases in many places in China are also related to imported cold chain. Although it did not cause widespread infection, sporadic cases have also brought tremendous pressure to epidemic prevention and detection work. BeyondSmartor combined with a number of food cold chain and logistics companies to assume the responsibility of disinfection and sterilization in cold chain transportation during the epidemic, sort out the disinfection path of cold chain storage and transportation, and developed a fully automatic conveyor type disinfection system. The system uses a self-developed high-power disinfection engine to carry out a series of treatments such as transmission and irradiation, and then inactivates viruses and bacteria by UVC (main wavelength 270nm) which can destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in virus and bacterial cells, causing growth and regenerative cells death, thereby sterilization and disinfection are achieved. Ultraviolet radiation can fully cover the six surfaces of the conveying object, and play a comprehensive disinfection and sterilization effect. The disinfection process is comprehensive, convenient, fast and efficient. There will be no secondary pollution during the conveying and disinfection process, which is more environmentally friendly.

Control mode

Intelligent control +manual operation

Working time

24 hours





Use environmen




Conveyor belt bearing


Conveyor belt height


Conveyor belt speed


Maximum dimension of disinfection object


Disinfection time


Product advantages:

1、Physical disinfection  The most advanced green disinfection technology

The use of UVC irradiation to disinfect the surface of objects is one of the most advanced green disinfection technologies in the world. Because deep ultraviolet can destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in virus and bacterial cells, it can cause growth cell death and regenerative cell death to achieve sterilization. It is suitable for the disinfection of various items such as fresh food, logistics containers, express parcels, e-commerce express mail, and checked luggage. It has no chemical residues, no pollution, and will not cause damage to the items.

2、High-quality ultraviolet ray   High disinfection efficiency  Individual package disinfection in seconds

Using the self-developed high-power disinfection engine, the six surfaces of the object are fully covered by irradiation and disinfection during the conveying process. It only takes 5 to 10 seconds to complete the disinfection and sterilization. It not only saves labor, but also improves work efficiency, ensuring that the disinfection process is efficient, fast, convenient and comprehensive.

Cold Chain Logistics Disinfection

3、Intelligent disinfection system, seamless connection with conveying tracks

BeyondSmartor intelligent conveyor belt disinfection system does not require manual duty, and can work continuously for 24 hours without interruption. It has stable performance, leakage protection, and is safe and reliable. Moreover, it can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer, seamlessly docking the goods transportation and conveying track, adjusting the transmission speed, ultraviolet irradiation distance, etc., to meet the disinfection needs of different goods.

4、Intelligent monitoring and visualization of items disinfection

The system will monitor the intensity of ultraviolet UVC radiation in real time. When the UVC attenuates, an early warning is given to ensure the disinfection effect at all times. 24-hour voltage and current monitoring to ensure the normal operation of the disinfection and sterilization engine working group. At the same time, the bacteria detection technology can conduct on-site disinfection and sterilization sampling, provide disinfection and sterilization report data, and visualize the results.

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