• Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt (Semi-automatic)

  • Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt (Semi-automatic)

Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt (Semi-automatic)

Product Description

The BS-T-M100 intelligent UV disinfection semi-automatic disinfector is composed of a semi-automatic control unit of the robot chassis and a high-power disinfection engine. It has 4 disinfection modules (can be customized), simulates human movement, reduces manual handling, can quickly clean bed surface, desktop, switch, door handle and other positions which is difficult to perform the cleaning.



Overall Weight




Main Wavelength


Irradiation Intensity


Operating distance



Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt Semi-automatic 

Autonomous control and set disinfection solutions:

The intelligent design of the controller can automatically adjust the disinfection time/position/power, send signals through external programming controllers and put forward disinfection work instructions, and focus on disinfection in key areas.


Intelligent cloud management system:

This machine supports remote control by mobile phone APP, which is convenient for management. During disinfection, it will broadcast announcements to prevent people from approaching. For different disinfection spaces, it will provide recommended disinfection time and automatic reminders, and quantitatively manage the disinfection process.


Customized solutions, saving cost:

To meet the disinfection needs of different services, to ensure the reliable operation of equipment and systems, the machine can add or remove disinfection modules, optimize customer costs, and ensure the maximum disinfection effect.

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