• Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt (unmovable)

Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt (unmovable)

Product Description

Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt (BS-T-F100) carries the high power disinfection engine for horizontal and vertical automatic disinfection devices, which improves the working flexibility and expands the scope of disinfection. The fixed type of intelligent UV pan tilt disinfection equipment overturns the shortcomings of the traditional disinfection lamps of low speed and inflexibility and it can finish the surface disinfection of 50㎡ room only in 30 minutes.



Overall Weight




Main Wavelength


Irradiation Intensity


Use Distance


Intelligent UVC-LED disinfection Pan-tilt unmovable

Fixed installation, freely rise and fall, flexible disinfection distance:

Unmovable Pan-tilt can be installed on ceiling or wall, which can be rose and fell freely, adjusting the sterilization distance and making the disinfection effect more significant. 

Intelligent start, remote control:

It has remote switch function, can set the disinfection time freely, disinfect automatically and periodically, feedback the disinfection state in real-time, overcome the disadvantages of the physical switch.

Human body induction: autonomous disinfection when no one is around:

All-round human body induction, the sensing range is 5 meters, when someone approaches, it will be extinguished immediately to avoid ultraviolet burns and protect the safety of users.

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